Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mama Playdate cards revisited

I know my focus should be on holiday items right now, but I opened our Sunday newspaper today and on the front page of the Living section was this HUGE article about Mommy Cards. I read through it, and it was all about how "mommy cards or 'family cards' are marketed as a classy alternative to writing contact information on any old scrap of paper you dig out of a purse or diaper bag....." The author profiled a woman from Chicago who started a business selling these cards. She mentioned how the woman had not sold to many customers in Ohio or Michigan. Well, my friends, let's look out for the local small businesses...ME! Lol! I too offer these Mommy Cards. Mine have photos of either your family or children, just to put a name with a face...but I could also design something for you without a photo. These cards really are a great way to keep track of all of the women and families you meet. They also can serve another purpose as well, as is indicated in this article. "...many parents list a child's health alerts on the back of the card- a peanut allergy or asthma, for example-that are helpful for baby sitters and teachers to know."

Here are a few of the Mommy cards I have designed. The possibilities are endless with these...from simple to fancy, photo or no photo. Let me know what you need!

And yes, I will be contacting Ann Weber, the Toledo Blade staff writer to let her know there is a local woman who provides this service! Me!
Mommy cards are offered in packs of 50 for $20.00.

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RMmom said...

Hope she adds a little about you in the paper. You deserve it! Your work is beautiful and you are so dedicated and creative. You truly provide what the customer wants by listening to them. I hope you sell thousands of playdate cards.